Ria Vita Puangco

Managing Director, Philippines

Ria Vita started off her communications career as a strategic planner for advertising and rounded out her experience in market research and brand strategy. Her consulting body work spans across various industries and categories including home care, personal care, food & beverage, finance, as well as, LGUs, non-profits and multilateral organizations. She has worked in key Asian markets such as, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and, of course, the Philippines.

Tina Ilag

Director, Qualitative

Teena has been a Qualitative specialist for almost 20 years covering the Philippines, China (Shanghai) and Singapore.

She has worked on diverse industries such as FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Telco, Personal Care, F&B, Banking and Finance, Automotive, Tobacco, Spirits, Agriculture and Retail.

Teena has extensive experience in handling a slew of Qualitative studies such as Exploratory/Fundamentals, Ethnography, Brand and Comms, Innovation and Product Development (IPD), Shopper and Retail, Concept/Product/Ad Tests, to name a few.

Nicole Ocampo

Research Manager

Nicole has worked for Kantar Added Value for over six years and is a senior member of our team in the Philippines.

She is immensely involved in projects requiring combination of Cultural Strategy, Workshop/Training Session and other Qualitative Consumer Methodologies on FMCG, Services, Telco and Automotive.

Her background in Anthropology and experience in socio-cultural researches across the Philippines has proven valuable in understanding regional differences in the Philippines market.

Fernie Vales

Senior Research Manager, Philippines

Fernie joined Added Value Saffron Hill in 2008, with 15 years of solid experience in both client and consultancy sides of the industry. Initially specialising in both telecommunications and pharmaceuticals, Fernie has developed her skills as a researcher, putting her quantitative knowledge and statistics background into the best of her work.

Boy Zurbito

Finance Manager, Philippines

Boy graduated with a degree in Accounting, and has been a part of Saffron Hill since its start-up in 2005. A Certified Public Accountant and Registered Financial Planner, Boy has contributed immensely to the business efficiency of Added Value Saffron Hill. He successfully and consistently meets the business’ audit and financial requirements.